If you maintain your own pool, our retail store offers free computerized water testing, high quality chemicals and expert advice.

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   WW Harper Pools provides a complete line of Bioguard pool chemical products.  We are an authorized Bioguard dealer in the Bakersfield region.  We  offer Bioguard's easy "Once-A-Week 3-Step System". Bioguard also offers a non-chlorine sanitizing system for those with allergies or sensitive skin. Call or Stop by today for expert advice!



Sta-Rite-System3-DE-series-filterSystem:3® D.E. Filters - SD Series bring you the proven performance of our diatomaceous earth media in the world's easiest-to-operate D.E. filter. The greater cycle times and minimized maintenance of the System:3® D.E. Filters - SD Series, coupled with our superior grid system, give you the finest D.E. filter available..

  • Diatomaceous earth filters produce cleaner, clearer, more healthy pool and spa water
  • Vertical-mounted grids for more efficient cleaning
  • Two inch "push/pull" backwash valves offer superior water flow and longer life
  • Easier cleaning and servicing
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel tank
  • Saves time and money with longer filter cycles between cleanings
  • Exclusive air release system for a safer, more efficient operation


intellifloIntelliFlo® VF is the intelligent swimming pool pump that is changing all the rules.
Adaptable to any application up to 230 volts and 160 gallons per minute, you simply program IntelliFlo's speed to suit the application. IntelliFlo then dials in the perfect power factor.

Reduce energy cost by as much as 90%!
intelliflovfQSGIntelliFlo constantly monitors water flow and electrical current, making sure that the filtration system is operating at peak efficiency. And that means energy savings never before possible - up to 90% over conventional pumps.

  • Five year limited warranty
  • Only 1 operational moving part with 15 year warranty
  • Three year wear-and-tear coverage
  • Money back guarantee
  • 24 hour toll free help line


wireless-fingerJandy's AquaLink® RS Control System puts control of your whole backyard paradise at your fingertips. In-home automation gives you the power to control all pool and spa equipment, backyard lighting, and more from the privacy of your home. Adjust the spa temperature, turn on water features, and see if the cleaner is running, and more without ever stepping outside.

Compatible with other Laars and Jandy intelligent components, the Jandy RS Smart System automates your pool, spa, and even your backyard.

One Touch ManualWith a variety of features, from multiple control panels to spa side remotes, from the telephone to even your PC, you can control your pool, spa, and backyard amenities from anywhere! Imagine adjusting your water temperature, dimming your lights, or turning on a waterfall while sitting in your spa with friends. Plus, you can phone your system from anywhere and tell it to activate your heater so the water is perfect for when you get home. The AquaLink RS Control System  makes it all possible.

Jandy's AquaLink RS safeguards your pool equipment. With built in features like automatic heater cool-down, self-monitoring freeze protection, and pool cleaner safety delay, AquaLink RS virtually eliminates concerns about pool protection equipment. And all AquaLink RS control systems are backed by some of the strongest and most inclusive warranties in the industry. Additional extended warranties are available as well. It's the best investment you can make for your pool and spa.

  • TELELINK® - Access and operate your pool from any touch tone phone.
  • AQUALINK PC - Program and control your pool and spa equipment from your computer.
  • AQUALINK RS SERIAL ADAPTER - Integrate you pool and spa control with your other home automation systems.
  • RADIO REMOTE - Control pool, spa, lights, and water features with the wireless radio remote.
  • ONETOUCH™ CONVENIENCE - Enjoy the ease of complete one touch control of your whole backyard paradise without setting foot outside.
  • SPA SIDE REMOTES - Operate all of your pool and spa equipment without ever stepping outside your spa.